Programming and Analytical Projects and Skills

Analysis Projects

  • Using Decision Tree Analysis to Study the Impact of Demographic Fields on Close Rates

Programming Projects

  • Funnel Analysis Incorporating Divergent Data Sources (Google, Bing, Microstrategy, Convertro)
  • Baby Bond Connect
  • IPO Mechanisms
  • Package Auctions
  • zTree Programs

Programming Skills

  • Perform Data Analysis Using Python Pandas
  • Perform Machine Learning Analysis Using scikit-learn framework
  • Perform Data Pipeline Using SAS and the Luigi Framework
  • Implement web-based programs in Python, PHP, and MySQL (8 years).
  • Literate in JAVA and C/C++. 
  • Use Stata, a statistical analysis package similar to R, to conduct data analysis.
  • Use Mathematica’s functional programming language to automate search of numerical solutions to nonlinear differential equations.
  • Use Matlab to implement statistical estimators.
  • Use FICO Express, a specialized optimization programming software library, to solve integer and continuous linear programming problems.