Hi, I am John Lin.  Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

Here is a bit about me.

I was born in Taiwan and raised in a Mexican-American neighborhood in Southeast Los Angeles.  Naturally curious, the two contrasting settings provided the perfect background for me to explore and learn about different cultures and ways of experiencing and understanding the world.  

I love learning.  The learning bug bit me in high school and learning Calculus was an eye-opening experience when I realized that the formula for areas can be calculated via integration.

The joy of learning was further solidified when I had the opportunity to work closely with Caltech professors after I graduated.  Working with John Ledyard, Colin Camerer, and Peter Bossaerts, gained a first hand look at how research is done and how learning can bring such joy.

Outside of math, I am also drawn to theology and movements of all kinds.

I leave you with a mental picture that is a good representation of how I see the world: the image of the Trinity, and how it relates to group theory and dancing.